Thursday, 4 December 2008


I just caught the most unbelievable sequence of words leaking out of my television set: 

"The plutonium was stolen from a secure nuclear installation outside Croatia."

Really? Christ. Right then. We'll assemble a crack team of specialists and deploy them...everywhere, I suppose. We'll have them kick down the doors of every building on every street on Earth simultaneously. We should give the order to strike at dawn - hopefully these thieves, wherever they are, will be too sleepy to resist.

Luckily for humankind, closer inspection revealed it to be a line from Tsui Hark's DOUBLE TEAM and not, as I had initially feared, BBC news 24.

Further research tossed up an interesting piece of intel, I believe it's called: every single nuclear installation in the world is outside Croatia. 

The stupid line was right!

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